Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca - Friday, 03 February 2023

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A new collective exhibition in Maccagno: “In the blue sky meadow“
Four women in a creative artistic exchange in the halls of the Parisi Valle Civic Museum

This is an all-female exhibition with an international scope: Marit Amesz, Daniela Cassani and Helen Mitchell are the names of the protagonists of the new collective exhibition hosted by the Civic Museum Parisi Valle in Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca entitled: "In the blue sky meadow".

The exhibit will be open from September 21 to October 27, 2019 (inauguration: Saturday 21 September at 5.00 pm). It is inspired by the observation of nature and by a poetic vision that emerges from an emotional and reflective immersion in the reality around us.
The three artists, each following her own style, do not pursue a mere realistic representation of landscapes, but the intimate nature of the things that the eye sees.

The Mayor of Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca Fabio Passera and the councilor for culture Alessandro Fazio explain: "After the success of the fantastic “Free Artists of the Province of Varese” anthology, we offer the public a new, invaluably poetic collective exhibit. The artistic sensitivity of Marit Amesz, Daniela Cassani and Helen Mitchell is always attracted to the nuances of color, spaces, air, and details whispering the story hidden in the folds of every landscape. We are very happy to host these artists who, both in their life and in their art, have crossed European boundaries to reach international fame. Our museum is indeed a ‘bridge,’ a gate open onto new and different landscapes and horizons".

Clara Castaldo, journalist in charge of artistic activities at the Civic Museum, says: “In the ink or watercolor works of the three protagonists we recognize the feminine patience and tenacity, the precision of a textile work, the meticulousness and the imagination of calligraphy. We see shades of the deep and moving visions of Antonia Pozzi, Franco Arminio, Mario Rigoni Stern, Sylvia Plath, not to mention their desire to express the multiplicity of human relationships, memories and lifetimes. A sort of focal point for the observer’s eye is created in their various works, like a threshold our gaze can cross. The artists’ freedom becomes solid through a string of small gestures and delicate modulations of colors and shapes. It is a deeply feminine kind of art, a sweetly whispered song, both concrete and delicate, soft and tenacious at the same time. I feel this creative path matches well the works by Anita Mandelli, who seems to speak a similar language. Mandelli is the guest of the new exhibition’s special corner in the Civico Museo. In her clay works dedicated to the female universe, she suggests sensuality and lightness of movement, strength of character and great sensitivity for beauty that add romance to her works".

In the blue sky meadow
Works by Marit Amesz, Daniela Cassani and Helen Mitchell
Special corner with works by Anita Mandelli
Parisi Valle civic museum in Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca
Via Leopoldo Giampaolo 1
Free admission – special visits for groups (min. 15 people) outside the normal opening hours can be arranged by contacting the museum
0332 561202 -
Opening hours: Fridays: 2.30 pm - 6.30 pm - Saturdays and Sundays 10.00-12.00 am / 2.30 - 6.30 pm

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