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KÉRAMOS: the ceramic art of Tino Sartori in Maccagno

"KÉRAMOS: silent suspension of signs and symbols" is the title of the new solo exhibition hosted by Civico Museo Parisi Valle in Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca from 16 February to 28 April 2019.

"We are particularly pleased with this new cultural event - say Mayor Fabio Passera and Councilor Alessandro Fazio - after the celebrations and the many exhibitions we organized for the museum’s twentieth birthday, we are now planning the events for 2019.
This will be another year during which we will work hard to reach our goals, thanks to artists like Tino Sartori, who has generously offered his works for the visual pleasure of our fellow citizens, as well as the many friends and tourists that visit the museum. We are also happy to present the fourth edition of REAL ART, a successful series of annual volumes that contain unique works and autographs by contemporary artists. This year’s edition is limited to 130 copies and the sales proceeds will go to "Pane di Sant'Antonio - Casa della Carità Onlus," a non-profit organization that – through donations and with the help of volunteers - provides families in need with over 25,000 meals a year. This project has been made possible by the generosity of artists, printers, publishers and journalists that have donated their time and works in the name of art and solidarity.”
Franco Crugnola explains: "This original and interdisciplinary volume involves very diverse artists who were invited to create a unique work for each volume while remaining faithful to their own individual styles and the concept of seriality.”
Clara Castaldo, who organizes the cultural events hosted by the museum, says about this exhibition: "The hands that shape the clay give the earth a strong symbolic value. This element takes us back to primordial sensations; it helps us remember all that is essential and makes us feel a sense of physical and cultural belonging.
For Tino Sartori, creating shapes means setting free the meanings that the earth hides and protects within itself. These works are panoramic representations of landscapes and cities of our souls, and vertical sculptures inspired by totems. In these works one can find the journeys of man, nature, and cultures that - as part of the great cycle of life - are destined to return to earth. Terracotta itself is like message that teaches us to respect and accept the others.”
She adds, “Areas dedicated to individual artists or cultural phenomena related to our pre-Alpine region will be set up within the main exhibitions, in what has become a little tradition for our museum. This time we have selected some pieces from our permanent collection, a precious anthology that will be displayed alongside Tino Sartori’s works. And that’s not all: a special corner will host works by Mario Catenazzi (1913 – 2010), who was born and lived in Maccagno. Right here in Maccagno you can find traces of his artistic path, clear indications of his love for his hometown. The five recently restored panels from 1976 in the ex-church in Maccagno Superiore are a perfect example of this.
This new exhibit will provide us with the perfect opportunity to start yet another phase built on this project’s success and that of all future exhibitions, with the promise to continue to work with the same passion that has pushed us forward throughout the past years.”

Biografia di Tino Sartori 



La terra tra le mani

Tra le mani
la terra prende la forma dell'emozione,
attraverso una lento e curato gesto guidato dall'occhio
che a volte acconsente entusiasta,
altre sbadiglia annoiato
e comanda il risveglio
affinché l'atto creativo sia fresco
ed anche audace.

di Tino Sartori


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